Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caribean is a big silly mess of a movie

And I'm perfectly fine with that. I had adjusted my expectations for it after the following two reviews from friends and readers of this blog:

  • "It sucked Kraken balls."
  • "Didn't make any sense, bad dialogue, no ending."

First things first. The author of the first review is a malcontent who wouldn't recognize a fun movie if it got naked, painted itself purple, jumped on top of a piano and started singing "Fun Movies Are Here Again."

The author of the second review... well honestly she's a bit more of a friend of a friend, and I guess I respect her opinion. I certainly agree with her review, at least the first two parts of it. Parts of the movie made no sense whatsoever, and some of the dialogue was almost George Lucas level bad, though I think the ending was fine. Having said that, I disagree with the conclusion-- that the movie sucked. At World's End is a mess of a movie. But then again so was Dead Man's Chest and, albeit to a lesser degree, so was Curse of the Black Pearl. I will grant that I did not think it was quite as good as the first two films, I did not think it was bad in the way that Spider-man 3 was (that goddamn jazz club/West Side Story sequence was GAWDAWFUL and more or less single-handedly ruined the movie for me). It's still a rollicking good time (a long one too, so be sure to take a piss and a dump, if necessary, before the movie starts) and be sure to stick around after the credits. The first two films had a short scene, post-credits, and the third film is no exception