Friday, August 22, 2008

Which is it, Borgnine!?

I ran across this while scanning IMDB for...well, I honestly have no idea why I scan IMDB anymore.

Borgnine: 'Acting Keeps Me Alive'

Movie veteran Ernest Borgnine refuses to retire from movies, claiming acting has helped him live to the age of 91.

The Oscar winner is still as busy as ever and has three new films out in 2008.

And Borgnine claims some of his late contemporaries may still be alive if they'd carried on working.

He says, "These guys who say, 'I can't wait to retire. Hot dog!' And after about a week they're ready to pull their hair out. Keep busy and you'll stay younger and healthier, and you'll be around a hell of a lot longer."

That, of course, stands in stark contradiction to what he said just the other day on that bastion of idiocy, Fox & Friends:

Which is it, Borgnine? Acting or masturbating? I mean, it can't possibly be both, can it? Can I dare to dream...

You know what? Whatever. Either way, I'm looking at fifty-fifty odds that I'll live forever. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer to a badass Ernest Borgnine film I saw yesterday:

By the way, that'd be Howard Hughes's favorite movie. It also has absolutely no women in it. Those facts may be connected.