Tuesday, October 2, 2007

100 Greatest Human Beings Who Ever Lived: #64 John Cleese

The funniest man in the funniest comedy troupe of all time, John Cleese comes in at number 64 of this list. I am sorely tempted here to go off on a tangent here about something like a man with a tape recorder in his nose. Instead I will mention here that Cleese was one of the funniest guests ever on The Muppet Show. Furthermore.... well, just watch this clip right here:

If that doesn't get you on this list, I don't know what will. Oh and he also did the Ministry of Silly Walks, the sketch about the fish called Eric, the Cheese Shop sketch, and of course the immortal Dead Parrot sketch.

Next time I post, it'll be about number 61 on the list, a guy who painted a really cool ceiling once.

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